Settings f/7.1, 1/100 sec, ISO 100



One of my favorite things about living in NC is the seasons. We get all 4.

Winter can be enchanting. The first day of a good snow fall. The twinkling lights of Christmas. The feeling of joy, peace and love.

Spring is also magical. The weather starts to get warmer.Β Β Flowers & trees bloom again after being dead for months.

Summer is hot and sticky but there’s this feeling of freedom that lingers through the air. It could also be because of Independence Day, school being out and vacation time. πŸ™‚

Fall is probably my favorite. The leaves turn a vibrant colors of red, yellow or orange. The weather starts to get crisp and the food starts to get richer. The smell of mulled spices linger in your nose.

So this week I am not focusing on any specific technique besides shooting manually again. But I want to highlight the pretty fall leaves.

My settings were f/7.1, 1/100 sec and ISO 100 on the 50mm lens.


This photo is one of the ‘Oops! Sad it didn’t work’ photos.

My settings were f/5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 100. And because I didn’t turn up my shutter speed, I wasn’t able to freeze Bennett swinging and he is blurry. It was also hard to tell just looking at the back of my camera so every photo with the swing was a bust. 😦