As I mentioned before the beaches in Costa Rica were fairly rocky but there was one beach, Playa Tamarindo, that had a lot of soft sand and people laid out on. We also got to see a beautiful sunset there with all kinds of boats anchored in the water. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. I used my Canon PowerShot on manual to capture these photos.

sunset 8 v2

surfers 2 v2

This beach was also a hot spot for surfers, even though the waves weren’t that big.

surfers 1 v2

The beaches also had huge, beautiful pieces of driftwood.

beach 1 v2

After we checked into our first resort, we decided to explore the grounds and take a walk on the beach (Playa Mansita). The sand was so fun with its interesting patterns. Sometimes it sparkled in areas. I captured these next photos with the DSLR. My ISO was set to 100 with my shutter speed high since it was so bright out.

Ocean 2 v2

beach 2 v2

And even though it rained a lot, we were lucky to catch a some sunsets.

sunset 6 v2

sunset 1 v2

This picture was taken from the deck of the second resort we stayed at. The boat sailing into the sunset was magical to watch.

sunset 7 v2




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