I’m back from Costa Rica and can’t wait to share our trip with you!

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with friendly people and amazing views. Although we were there during rainy season, it didn’t stop us from soaking up the sun and having fun. We also had some of the best food while in Costa Rica.

One of the days we went on an excursion that included zip lining, mountain side water slide, horseback riding and a hot springs spa.

Since I didn’t want to take my Canon DSLR on the excursion (could you imagine if something happened to it!? GAH), I took my Canon PowerShot (point and shoot camera.) I’ve had this camera for a while but always used it on Auto. I never thought to really learn the camera and all the functions. It has a lot of the same functions as my Canon DSLR  (manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, etc.) so now that I understand what those functions are, I am able to use this camera the same way. I mostly shot in manual or aperture priority when using it.

During the excursion, we had an authentic lunch and some snacks that a few of the locals made for us. Most of the snacks were made from corn and were delicious!

corn 1 v2

corn 2 v2

corn 3 v2

Some were sweet and some were like crackers. We even had local cheese. We used huge leaves as our plates. So fun and authentic.

One of the best restaurants we found off a dirt road was a beach front place called Lola’s.  The food was so fresh and so good! For these photos I did use the Canon DSLR and 50mm lens.

tuna v2

tacos v2

We even dined with some special guests. I think this is Lola (their logo has a huge pig on it) and she just laid there the whole time drooling. She was HUGE.


This sweet girl sat right by my feet the whole time as well.

dog 1 v2

One thing that pained me about CR was the abundance of stray dogs. It broke my heart. They just roamed around the streets.  Some even would lay in the middle of the road and you’d have to go around or honk at them to move. I just wanted to save them all.


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