Photo Bucket List

Sometimes I randomly think about people, places or things I would love to photograph. So I decided to start writing them down and create a photo bucket list. And I’m sure this list will grow over time too. Sky’s the limit, right?!

  1. Street photography with blurred cars driving by or people walking by
  2. Raw emotion
  3. Blue hour
  4. Golden hour
  5. Eiffel Tower
  6. NYC skyline at night
  7. Elderly couple in love
  8. Couple kissing in the rain
  9. Rain puddle jump
  10. Fireworks
  11. Reflection of something in water
  12. Newborn baby / first time Mom meets baby
  13. Snow being blown towards camera (slow shutter speed)
  14. Trickling sand from hands (fast shutter speed)
  15. Christmas lights
  16. Field of wildflowers
  17. Lavender field in France
  18. Winery in Itay
  19. Wild animals at a safari
  20. Sparklers in the night (design or word)
  21. Carousel (slow shutter speed)
  22. The moon
  23. Dolphin or whale coming up out of the ocean
  24. Canals in Venice, Italy
  25. Northern lights
  26. Taj Mahal
  27. Hot air balloons flying in the sky

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